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There is a lot of confusion among business owners on the best sale option – assets or shares. Getting it wrong can incur unexpected liabilities and loss. There are two ways how your Business Sale Attorney Manalapan can handle the sale of your small business. Asset sale involves the sale of some or all of the company’s assets. The assets may include fixed assets such as machines, land and buildings, trading stock, and intangible assets.

Your Business Sale Attorney Manalapan can also take care of your share sale. The proceeds are paid directly to the company shareholder/s. The buyer assumes full responsibility and risk for the company going forward.  There are many traps and pitfalls that can arise during a business sale. There are instances when a buyer will claim to want to buy a business while in fact scheming to gain access to key information that will be used competitively against the seller.

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For members of the South Florida business community looking for competent and professional legal representation in the practice areas of business litigation and counseling, labor and employment law litigation and counseling, corporate transactions, estate planning and real estate, Padula Bennardo Levine LLP is the firm to consult. We have experienced attorneys that directly provide full closing and title services, including all forms of title defect, escrow and dispute resolution.

We offer collaborative legal solutions for today’s business needs. In addition to being experienced in myriad areas of business disputes, we also have experience representing a number of different business types, ranging from small businesses to corporations to franchises. We specialize in civil trial, business litigation, real estate, and labor & employment law.

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Buying or selling of a business can be too much or bewildering to handle on your own. Having a Business Sale Attorney Manalapan by your side can help you manage the time, direction and strategy of the business sale. Contact Padula Bennardo Levine now if you want to know more about what a business sale attorney can do for you.

Business Sale Attorney Manalapan
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