Construction Litigation

Construction projects, while often necessary for business expansion and profit, are a prime opportunity for the emergence of disputes and conflicts. Realizing the devastating effects that a construction conflict can have on businesses, the legal team at the offices of Padula Bennardo Levine, LLP is dedicated to resolving issues before they ever occur. In the event that your business is named in a construction dispute or lawsuit, our construction litigation attorneys are highly skilled at dispute resolution and in-courtroom litigation.

Construction Litigation Attorneys – Experience that Counts

Construction lawsuits are often the most convoluted and complex of all claims types, with multiple players being involved, ranging from plaintiffs to defendants to insurance providers. At the offices of Padula Bennardo Levine, LLP, we recognize this complexity and approach each dispute on a case-by-case basis, conducting a full analysis and investigation.

Our litigation experience extends to the representation of landowners, architects, engineers, and developers. We can represent your business, or you as an individual depending upon the circumstances, in regards to:

In addition to litigation experience in the courtroom, we are also highly skilled out of the courtroom as well. In fact, we believe that some of our most valuable work occurs outside the courtroom, from our comprehensive research and preparation to our skilled mediation and negotiation skills. While we understand that there are some instances where litigation is unavoidable, we will always attempt to resolve your construction dispute away from court. Out-of-the courtroom solutions save our clients time and money, as well as keeping sensitive information confidential.

Why Choose Padula Bennardo Levine, LLP?

When you are named in a construction dispute, your choice of legal representation may very well have a profound effect on your future. While some people or companies may make the mistake of representing themselves on their own, others will err in choosing a law firm with little experience or poor case results. At the offices of Padula Bennardo Levine, LLP, you will find nothing short of a case record of success and client satisfaction.

As mentioned above, we understand that each construction litigation case is unique, and therefore approach each issue on a case-by-case basis. We are flexible in our approach to problem solving, recognize the importance of alternative dispute resolution, and are sensitive to your needs as a client, including potential fallout and privacy.

In addition to representing you during construction dispute resolution, we can also provide you with counseling to avoid future disputes.

Contact Our Construction Litigation Team Today

Do not wait until things become overly complex to reach out to us – at the first sign of trouble, give us a call at Padula Bennardo Levine, LLP or fill out our online contact form. An initial consultation is completely free and 100 percent confidential. Throughout the entire process, we will work hard for you and provide you with continual updates and feedback.

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