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Are you due unpaid overtime wages that your employer refuse to give? Unfortunately, there are companies out there that take advantage of their employees and the fact that many hold on to jobs because of how hard it is to find new ones. If you want help in building a strong claim to recover your unpaid wages, feel free to contact an Unpaid Wages Lawyer Parkland now.

If you are confused about employer laws, overtime rules and your rights as an employee, an Unpaid Wages Lawyer Parkland is the perfect person to talk to. Unpaid wages are a form of wage theft and is a violation that involves an employer not paying the rightful wages to an employee. Unpaid wages from your employer can be resolved if you know the right process.

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For members of the South Florida business community looking for competent and professional legal representation in the practice areas of business litigation and counseling, labor and employment law litigation and counseling, corporate transactions, estate planning and real estate, Padula Bennardo Levine LLP is the firm to consult. We have experienced attorneys that directly provide full closing and title services, including all forms of title defect, escrow and dispute resolution.

We offer collaborative legal solutions for today’s business needs. In addition to being experienced in myriad areas of business disputes, we also have experience representing a number of different business types, ranging from small businesses to corporations to franchises. We specialize in civil trial, business litigation, real estate, and labor & employment law.

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When you file for a complaint regarding unpaid wages and recovery of back pay, you should get the services of an Unpaid Lawyer Parkland. They have the resources and knowledge which you can use to help understand your rights regarding unpaid wages. Call our reputable lawyer to about your situation. Feel free to consult us now!

Unpaid Wages Lawyer Parkland
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